Free Write Friday

The last few weeks of April are the hardest out of the entire school year. It’s the awkward point where students still have to worry about grades and classes, but they can practically taste summer in the air. These two weeks are a real endurance match and each year I feel like it gets tougher. I want to get rid of my school year worries and start my summer. But, a part of me wants to stay in school. I don’t want to leave what I’ve become so accustomed to throughout the year. I’ll miss my teachers and classmates.

People are beginning to count down the days until vacation starts, but it still seems like a long ways off. There’s too many tests to take and homework to do. I can’t even begin to think about finals. On top of this, the weather has been amazing lately. The is air just warm enough that you want to go jump into a pool. But, then a bit of cold weather rushes in to snap you back into reality. The last two weeks of April are like a time warp of confusion. And a part of me is starting to enjoy it.