Social Issue Update


This article was about a woman who was recently arrested and charged with 33 counts of animal abuse. Marla Satterfield was running a puppy mill operation in her home. There were 33 dogs that were rescued.

Reading this article made me really upset. I don’t understand how people can be so cruel to animals. They don’t have a voice, so I believe it is our obligation to speak for them. Abusing and neglecting a dog is wrong and these people need to be punished. Animal cruelty is a growing problem in this country and there isn’t much being done to solve it. When I started this social issue project I knew that animal abuse was a problem, but I didn’t know much details about it. Since then I have discovered so many horrifying things about what people have done to animals across the country. We need more laws in order to protect them. When I began this project nobody was creating a new bill to protect these animals and that is still the case. Animal abuse is a bigger problem than most people think and it’s time that people became aware. They hurt, they bleed, they feel pain too.