Free Write Friday

When we were children we used to listen in wonderment as our parent’s described their childhood. We couldn’t believe that they had grown up in a world where they didn’t have the same things as we did. It was shocking and we always responded with “How did you ever survive?”. The funny thing is that I know when I become a parent, my children will ask me the same question. After thinking about this, I compiled a list of things that my children will wonder how I could have lived without.

1. iTunes was created in 2001. That was four years of my life in which I could not instantly download the latest single on my computer.

2. WiFi. Although it was becoming increasingly popular in the 1990’s, most businesses did not begin to offer free internet connection until 2004.

3. Touch screen iPods. My Walkman was the only way I could listen to music on the go. I didn’t get the fancy new iPod touch until 2007!

4. Smartphones. Just five years ago, the coolest phone to have was a Razor. Now everyone has to have a iPhone.

5. Flat screen TV’s. This is something my family does still not own. We have a fine working TV that dates back to 2003. It’s amazing to compare the depth of our television (Two feet) to the televisions today (not even two inches).