A Time to Be Proud

In my life, I’ve always regretted not being braver or more adventurous. So, the one time that I stepped out of my comfort zone, I was more than proud of myself. It was 2007 and my family had taken a trip to the Amazon Rain Forrest. We had been hiking and exploring the jungle for three days straight. By mid-week I was exhausted, but still excited to experience everything the Amazon had to offer.

Our tour guide had us on a different trail and we went winding through the jungle. At one spot, there was a 30 foot ravine that separated us and the rest of the trail. So, our tour guide found a vine and told us to swing across. I was the last one in line to swing because I kept telling myself I couldn’t do it. Finally, I worked up the courage to take hold of the vine and leap. I convinced myself it would make a great story.

I swung to the other side, but was just out of the reach of the rest of the group. They couldn’t grab me and pull me to safety. So, I swung back out into the middle and stayed there. I was desperately trying to hold on, but already I could feel myself fall. I dropped twenty feet down to the bottom of the ravine. When I opened my eyes I had a hard time breathing, but knew that I was okay. I hadn’t broken anything and I didn’t feel like I had any internal bleeding. 

I may have failed to get to the other side of the ravine, but I still felt like a winner. I had stepped out of my comfort zone to try something new. And for that I was proud.