Try it Thursday

Every day I wake up exhausted and not ready for school. I go through the morning half a sleep and by the time I actually feel ready to tackle the day, it’s time to go to bed. In the next month I’m going to make it my goal to try to get some sleep. I’m not talking about the five or six hours I get now. I mean a full eight hours of being in dream land. I want to be able to wake up and feel happy that the birds are chirping outside. Plus, it’d be nice to actually remember eating breakfast. 

Right now, I’m not sure how I’m able to go about my day. I fear that my lack of sleep may soon cause my grades to suffer. And that, can not happen. Therefore, it is of great importance that I take my own advice. I will power through the urge to check my text messages or watch TV. I am finally going to get a good nights sleep.


It Was A Dark and Stormy Night…

It was a dark and stormy night. I sat drinking a cup of coffee, taking this all in from my favorite diner at the edge of town. The neon signs outside flickered with each gust of wind and the rain pelted the glass window beside me. This was not a night I’d like to spend outside.

I was the only one in the diner besides the late night cook and two waitresses. The silence between us all was steady although not uncomfortable. As the night wore on a car’s headlights broke threw the darkness. I watched as the lights grew brighter. As the old car drove past the diner it began to pick up speed. All four of us were watching the car as it tore down the street. I was just beginning to wonder what the driver was doing when the car launched itself off the side of the road and into a ditch. One of the waitresses gasped and the other grabbed the wall phone and dialed 911. I watched the car to see if anyone would get out. The drivers door opened and the silhouette of a man stumbled out. He looked badly wounded and began to fumble his way towards the diner.

I stood up, wanting to help the man. But, something stopped me from going outside. As the man got closer we could see the blood glistening off his face. It was a gruesome sight. The cook, terrified, yelled at one of the waitresses to lock the door. I told him that he was mad if he thought I was going to let that injured man to stay out in the storm.

Yet, we all remained where we were. Watching and waiting. When the man reached the door he put a hand on the glass and screamed. In that moment lightning struck the neon sign outside and sparks flew in every direction. I blocked my eyes from the blinding light and when I was able to see again, the man was gone. All that was left, was one bloody hand print.

Good Times

I feel like I’m not old enough to be able to look back at my life and think “wow, those were the best times.”In fact, I can’t even pinpoint the best day of my life. There have been those days were I feel like everything went smoothly, but they don’t qualify as the best. Perhaps, there is one day that does stand above the others. It happened two summers ago.

My family was on a cruise through Europe and our next stop was in Scotland. Most of my ancestors came from Scotland, so I was thrilled to get back to my roots. The day before we were set to dock, I got food poisoning from the cruise ships food. I was camped out in the bathroom for the entire day. I was worried I wasn’t going to be well enough to get off the ship.

Miraculously, the next morning I woke up healthy and ready to go. We got off the ship and headed to Loch Ness, home of the famous Nessie. I was beyond thrilled and couldn’t wait to get there. When we arrived my dad bought me a stuffed Nessie and a t-shirt. We bought tour tickets and waited for the time to go out on the lake.

The slightly rainy sky and the mist over the lake, set the mood for an adventure. When we got on the research vessel, the captain told us we were the only people he had scheduled for the tour. We had the entire boat to ourselves. As we cruised around the lake I marveled at the eeriness of it and watched the sonar equipment for signs of Nessie.

As we headed back, the captain turned to me and asked if I wanted to pilot the ship. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. I took the wheel and found myself driving the research vessel across Loch Ness. It was a child hood dream come true.

Looking back on that day, I felt like I had accomplished a life goal, and made an amazing new memory.

This One Day…

This one day I was driving down an old country road and a cow wandered out in front off my car. I slammed on the brakes. The cow stared at me with big, wide eyes and grass slowly fell out of its mouth. I honked they horn to get the cow to move, but it stayed put.

“How dare you!” I heard a cranky voice shout, “Poor Matilda is scared of cars. Ashamed on you.” 

“What?” I yelled back, “That cow almost totaled my car.” An old man came into sight riding on a Segway. He was holding a crow bar and when he came close enough, he smashed it on to the hood of my car. 

“There, now your car is a wreck. That will teach you crazy youngsters and your fancy machines!” 

“Fancy machines?” I said bewildered, “I’m not the one riding around on a Segway!” I looked down at my dented hood and knew insurance would never believe my story.

“A Segway is not a fancy machine. It is a motorized transportation vehicle.” He barked. Raising his hand holding the crow bar he slammed it down on my hood one last time. This guy was a lunatic! Putting my car in reverse I hit the gas and got out of there. 

And in that one day, I promised myself to never stop for a cow again. Instead, I was just going to turn the car around and drive the other way.

Giraffe Hero

I wouldn’t call myself a great person. I don’t even consider myself an exceptional person. I’m just…. well, me. But, as I was reading about a thing called Giraffe Hero’s today, I felt myself relate to a time in my life when I stuck my neck out of the crowd to make a difference.

When I was in eighth grade, there was a kid in my class that I’ll refer to as Gabe. Gabe had trouble socializing and interacting with the other people in our grade. He never fit in and for that reason our classmates were always teasing him and making fun of what he would do. I always felt bad for Gabe because I understood how hard it was to be bullied. He was a nice kid, but no one took the time to get to know him.

One day in history class, I was doing my homework, trying to get everything finished before the weekend. The teacher had left the room for a brief moment and we were left by ourselves. I had a permanent seat next to Gabe because I was the only one in the class that didn’t call him names. I counted the seconds after the door had swung shut behind our teacher, for when the insults would begin.

” Gabe stop staring at the wall and do your work!”

“Why are you so weird Gabe? Stop staring at me!”

”Ewww, Gabe is always staring at people, he’s a pervert.” I could practically feel Gabe quaking next to me as his ears filled with these hurtful words. I couldn’t let myself stay silent any longer and I spoke.

“Guys,” I yelled over the commotion of the growing insults, the room silenced. “Guys, you need to stop. What you’re saying is hurtful. You may not realize this, but Gabe is a person with feelings. With every rude comment you say, it’s like you’re plunging a knife into him. This entire class needs to stop being bullies and get some respect for other people.” With my words out and hanging in the air, I averted my eyes from the many staring at me and resumed my work. I heard a slight “thanks Sarah,” whispered next to me.

No one picked on Gabe in that class again, but his school life was still far from perfect. He may not think much of that day, but knowing that I had the power to make a person’s life better for a single moment, made me never forget.



Free Write Friday

Why do people hate rainy weather? People always talk about it like it’s the most disgusting thing in the world. Whenever you go somewhere on a rainy day there are always people that can’t seem to stop complaining about how miserable it is outside. But, why do they say that? What about rain makes it so miserable?

In my personal opinion I think rain is the best weather. There’s something about how the world looks when it’s raining outside. Everything seems fresh and clean. The air smells better and the grass looks greener. The sky doesn’t seem harsh with blinding light. Instead it has a soft looking quality to it, almost like an artist has painted it with careful brush strokes. The world seems calmer and the soft beat of the rain splashing on windows is soothing.

Without rain we would all be living in a desert. Plants would die and our source of fresh water would evaporate. If it wasn’t for these rainy days our life would be a lot harder to live. But when the rain falls down, there is proof that we can continue to live. The water has saved the plants and the trees for another day. And the heat has dissipated into a refreshing cool temperature. So, maybe these people don’t realize all that rainy days do for us. But, I do. Rain is the best weather mother nature can provide.


Rohan Murphy is an Inspiration

Yesterday I attended a motivational speech given by Rohan Murphy. Rohan is a man who had both of his legs amputated when he was young. Even though he loved sports, he couldn’t play anything. When he was in middle school his gym teacher introduced him to wrestling. Since then, Rohan has conquered many challenges in life and lived his dream.

Hearing him speak about what he went through really made me appreciate what I have in life. I almost feel guilty that I have two legs and I feel like I take them for granted.

Rohan said that there were so many people that told him in life that he couldn’t do things. But, he told himself that he could. Because he kept a faith in himself he was able to make the varsity wrestling team in high school, go to Penn State, and even wrestle for the Penn State wrestling team.

Even though he went through so much, he always stayed positive. That was the one thing that I really took away from that speech. If you have a positive mindset, you can do wondrous things.

It’s my goal to be more positive now that I’ve heard Rohan speak. I want to wake up each morning and forget about the bad things. I will appreciate what I have in life and be grateful for each small thing that makes me smile. Thank you, Rohan, for helping me look at life a little differently.