iPads in the Classroom Review

Personal Rating: 3 out of 5

There has been much debate in our community in whether or not iPads in the classroom are a good idea. Some people believe they are too much of a distraction and limits personal interaction. Others believe that it allows student’s to better share their work and prepare for this 21st century world.

I have been lucky enough to experience iPads in the classroom first hand. My teachers have revised their lessons to better incorporate these tablets into the learning experience. Each of the students in my class has their own iPad that they use throughout the day. We are also allowed to take them home.

I like the concept of having technology play an important role in education. However, I don’t think using iPad’s is the right way to do this. They are great for doing research on, but when it comes to other things it gets tricky. Teachers often expect us to take notes, write stories, and create complex projects on our tablet. This is extremely frustrating because there is only so much a student can do with an iPad. In many ways we are limited to how well the iPad is functioning. Often times we have to deal with glitches and apps crashing.

This takes away from the time we should be spending learning. For example, if the Wi-Fi were to go down in the school, teachers would have a hard time conducting class. Right now, we are relying to heavily on the internet. When the Wi-Fi goes down we can’t do our online work and the iPads become useless.

Overall, I think our school had good intentions when they gave us iPads. It has been a fun experience working with these tablets, but I would not recommend this become a nation wide thing. There are too many problems that could result from the use of these tablets. Some times, the old ways are the right ways. I’d take my pencil and paper over a  stylus and a tablet any day.


Free Write Friday

When we were children we used to listen in wonderment as our parent’s described their childhood. We couldn’t believe that they had grown up in a world where they didn’t have the same things as we did. It was shocking and we always responded with “How did you ever survive?”. The funny thing is that I know when I become a parent, my children will ask me the same question. After thinking about this, I compiled a list of things that my children will wonder how I could have lived without.

1. iTunes was created in 2001. That was four years of my life in which I could not instantly download the latest single on my computer.

2. WiFi. Although it was becoming increasingly popular in the 1990’s, most businesses did not begin to offer free internet connection until 2004.

3. Touch screen iPods. My Walkman was the only way I could listen to music on the go. I didn’t get the fancy new iPod touch until 2007!

4. Smartphones. Just five years ago, the coolest phone to have was a Razor. Now everyone has to have a iPhone.

5. Flat screen TV’s. This is something my family does still not own. We have a fine working TV that dates back to 2003. It’s amazing to compare the depth of our television (Two feet) to the televisions today (not even two inches).

5 Hot Topics

1.Central: The outdoor classroom that is being built

2.Local: The fireman that was killed by the drunk driver

3.Statewide: Issue’s involving gun control

4.Nationwide: Legalizing gay marriage

5. Worldwide: Earthquake in China

Social Issue Update

Article: http://kfor.com/2013/05/06/dogs-rescued-in-cruelty-case/

This article was about a woman who was recently arrested and charged with 33 counts of animal abuse. Marla Satterfield was running a puppy mill operation in her home. There were 33 dogs that were rescued.

Reading this article made me really upset. I don’t understand how people can be so cruel to animals. They don’t have a voice, so I believe it is our obligation to speak for them. Abusing and neglecting a dog is wrong and these people need to be punished. Animal cruelty is a growing problem in this country and there isn’t much being done to solve it. When I started this social issue project I knew that animal abuse was a problem, but I didn’t know much details about it. Since then I have discovered so many horrifying things about what people have done to animals across the country. We need more laws in order to protect them. When I began this project nobody was creating a new bill to protect these animals and that is still the case. Animal abuse is a bigger problem than most people think and it’s time that people became aware. They hurt, they bleed, they feel pain too.

Article Reflection

This article was about why competition is important. It listed reasons on why students need competition in order to succeed. 

In some ways I agree with Becca. I think that students would not be as motivated in class if competition was not present. They want to get the better grades then others in their class. Some even want to rank in the top of their class. However, I have some disagreements with some of the points that Becca made. She stated that stress in school is good for students. I do not think that this is true. I often feel very stressed about school. I think schools should be working to lessen the stress that students feel.

A Time to Be Proud

In my life, I’ve always regretted not being braver or more adventurous. So, the one time that I stepped out of my comfort zone, I was more than proud of myself. It was 2007 and my family had taken a trip to the Amazon Rain Forrest. We had been hiking and exploring the jungle for three days straight. By mid-week I was exhausted, but still excited to experience everything the Amazon had to offer.

Our tour guide had us on a different trail and we went winding through the jungle. At one spot, there was a 30 foot ravine that separated us and the rest of the trail. So, our tour guide found a vine and told us to swing across. I was the last one in line to swing because I kept telling myself I couldn’t do it. Finally, I worked up the courage to take hold of the vine and leap. I convinced myself it would make a great story.

I swung to the other side, but was just out of the reach of the rest of the group. They couldn’t grab me and pull me to safety. So, I swung back out into the middle and stayed there. I was desperately trying to hold on, but already I could feel myself fall. I dropped twenty feet down to the bottom of the ravine. When I opened my eyes I had a hard time breathing, but knew that I was okay. I hadn’t broken anything and I didn’t feel like I had any internal bleeding. 

I may have failed to get to the other side of the ravine, but I still felt like a winner. I had stepped out of my comfort zone to try something new. And for that I was proud.



Free Write Friday

The last few weeks of April are the hardest out of the entire school year. It’s the awkward point where students still have to worry about grades and classes, but they can practically taste summer in the air. These two weeks are a real endurance match and each year I feel like it gets tougher. I want to get rid of my school year worries and start my summer. But, a part of me wants to stay in school. I don’t want to leave what I’ve become so accustomed to throughout the year. I’ll miss my teachers and classmates.

People are beginning to count down the days until vacation starts, but it still seems like a long ways off. There’s too many tests to take and homework to do. I can’t even begin to think about finals. On top of this, the weather has been amazing lately. The is air just warm enough that you want to go jump into a pool. But, then a bit of cold weather rushes in to snap you back into reality. The last two weeks of April are like a time warp of confusion. And a part of me is starting to enjoy it.