This One Day…

This one day I was driving down an old country road and a cow wandered out in front off my car. I slammed on the brakes. The cow stared at me with big, wide eyes and grass slowly fell out of its mouth. I honked they horn to get the cow to move, but it stayed put.

“How dare you!” I heard a cranky voice shout, “Poor Matilda is scared of cars. Ashamed on you.” 

“What?” I yelled back, “That cow almost totaled my car.” An old man came into sight riding on a Segway. He was holding a crow bar and when he came close enough, he smashed it on to the hood of my car. 

“There, now your car is a wreck. That will teach you crazy youngsters and your fancy machines!” 

“Fancy machines?” I said bewildered, “I’m not the one riding around on a Segway!” I looked down at my dented hood and knew insurance would never believe my story.

“A Segway is not a fancy machine. It is a motorized transportation vehicle.” He barked. Raising his hand holding the crow bar he slammed it down on my hood one last time. This guy was a lunatic! Putting my car in reverse I hit the gas and got out of there. 

And in that one day, I promised myself to never stop for a cow again. Instead, I was just going to turn the car around and drive the other way.


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