Rohan Murphy is an Inspiration

Yesterday I attended a motivational speech given by Rohan Murphy. Rohan is a man who had both of his legs amputated when he was young. Even though he loved sports, he couldn’t play anything. When he was in middle school his gym teacher introduced him to wrestling. Since then, Rohan has conquered many challenges in life and lived his dream.

Hearing him speak about what he went through really made me appreciate what I have in life. I almost feel guilty that I have two legs and I feel like I take them for granted.

Rohan said that there were so many people that told him in life that he couldn’t do things. But, he told himself that he could. Because he kept a faith in himself he was able to make the varsity wrestling team in high school, go to Penn State, and even wrestle for the Penn State wrestling team.

Even though he went through so much, he always stayed positive. That was the one thing that I really took away from that speech. If you have a positive mindset, you can do wondrous things.

It’s my goal to be more positive now that I’ve heard Rohan speak. I want to wake up each morning and forget about the bad things. I will appreciate what I have in life and be grateful for each small thing that makes me smile. Thank you, Rohan, for helping me look at life a little differently.


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