Free Write Friday

If I could have any super power in the world, it wouldn’t be to fly or to read other people’s minds. It would be to always know exactly what to say. No matter what the situation was or who I was talking too, I could formulate the exact words to speak. How perfect.

There are too many times when I feel like I stumble over myself or am at a loss on what to say. There are situations in which I wish I knew the perfect way to respond or could make a witty remark. Most of the time, my brain fails me and I stand there saying nothing. So, always knowing what to say would be extremely beneficial.

With my super power I could reason with bank robbers and talk my way into concerts, events, and movie sets!  It would be simple and easy. I wouldn’t have to stress over speaking publicly or interviews ever again. I could probably talk myself into Harvard or Yale!

If I had the super power to always know what to say, I think my life would be pretty good. What super power have you always wanted?


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