Dear Student

Dear student who wrote “For Individuals not Groups”,

I strongly disagree with what you have written. You are stating that iPads in the classroom push students apart and do not bring them together. I feel like this is a false statement. iPads are helping to bring the students together and engage them in activities. In my own experience I have found that book work, or work on paper, made the class boring and did not help bring students together. Rather, everyone was doing their individual work and not interested in the material they were learning. iPads make it possible for kids to interact with their classmates and have fun learning new things. These iPads do not disengage students from each other. They are making it possible for students to interact more. This is shown by the fact that they are collaborating on projects and sharing ideas online. Therefore, you are wrong by saying that iPads are driving students apart. I believe that they are making it easier for kids to interact.


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