Free Write Friday: Healthy Schools?

Schools are always pushing for it’s students to practice healthy living. They want us to get our sixty minutes of exercise per day, to eat well, and to take educational health classes. But, if student health is so important to our schools…. then why are they supplying junk food in the vending machines? Isn’t that contradicting the message their trying to convey to students?

By having unhealthy snacks in vending machines their stating that it’s okay to eat a bunch of worthless calories. Go ahead, eat a Tasty Cake! No. If schools are really serious about promoting healthy living, then they wouldn’t have bad food so accessible for it’s students. Instead, schools should be placing better foods in the vending machine. This means snacks that will actually be good for people.

Now, it’s understood that most healthy foods include things that will spoil, but there are a few foods out there that would be perfect to place in a vending machine. For example, replacing the Cheetos and chips, with raisins and peanuts would be a perfect way to substitute bad foods, for good ones. This will encourage students to make a better choice when they go to buy food from the vending machine. And, this shouldn’t affect the vending machine sales because, let’s face it, when teenagers are hungry they’ll eat whatever they can get a hold of.

By giving student’s only healthy options, it helps them live a better lifestyle. After all, my mom always said “if you have only healthy food to eat, then you’ll only eat healthy things!”



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