“Strengthen Laws Against Animal Cruelty in State”

I read an article called “Strengthen Laws Against Animal Cruelty in State” by Janelle Chavez. The article detailed several interesting points. It talked about how society seems to only think of animals as objects to treat and dispose of. People are often mistreating their pets and because of animal shelters, some animals are able to get the help that they need. Still, there are many animals out there that aren’t getting help. The article concludes that this is why states need laws to protect animals from animal abuse. This way, people will think twice before they attempt to hurt their pet.

I agree very strongly with this article. I hate people who abuse animals. It is wrong. Animals can not stick up for themselves, or defend themselves when they are being abused. They still have a loyalty to their owner. I think that states do need laws to protect animals from abuse. If we can start protecting animals, then there are many innocent lives we can save each year.


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