Social Issues 3/11

AIDS is a virus that we have not found a cure for. It is found in kids and in adults. In fact, anyone can have AIDS. All over the world people are dying from it.

I recently read an article titled “Time to Push for an AIDS Cure” by Kate Krauss. This article talked about the problem AIDS is causing throughout the world. It says that we need to work to find a cure. So far, one man, named Timothy Ray Brown, has been the only person cured of the virus. Recently, a baby has also become AIDS free. It may be a slow going process, but we are slowly working our way towards a cure.

This article was very interesting. I didn’t know that we were so far along in scientific research. It’s great that we have actually cured some people. However, it’s sad to hear about how many people this virus affects. In other countries, many people are dying because they don’t have the medical care that they need. I agree that we need to work to find a cure, there are many people out there that need it.


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