Free Write Friday: What a Dream!

You know how people say that every dream means something? Supposedly every detail in your dream is there because your subconscious is dealing with it. If all of this is true, then what the heck does my dream say about me? Should I be concerned? Below is my latest dream, you tell me what it means.

The dream begins in a futuristic world in which I am an adult living in New York City. It’s been hard living here on my own, but today I am planning to meet up with some friends that I haven’t seen in ages. As I’m walking into Times Square, a sudden explosion erupts in front of me. Robots, who are the latest technological advance in this future, are bursting out of office buildings and swooping down from the sky. People run in circles, panicked and confused. Fire breaks out in the buildings and the sky quickly turns to orange. Amidst all of this, I find my three friends, huddled in the center of it all. I rush to them and take their hands, dragging them into the nearest building. Robots are now sweeping the streets, killing every human that they see.

We rush up the stairs to the top floor and barricade all entrances. In this brief moment of silence we all take the time to acknowledge each other and hug. There are other people on this floor, but they don’t notice us. Instead they are screaming and running, trying to escape their imminent dooms.

I walk over to the window and look at what was once Manhattan. Fire rages across the city and giant robots are being parachuted in from the sky. What is to be done? How do I save myself and my friends? How much longer can we hold out in here?

The answer to my last question is quickly answered as a robot breaks down one of our barricaded entrances. In a split second my friends and I are running again, crashing through a hallway and down some stairs. The robots are quick and aren’t giving up on us. We burst through another set of doors and find ourselves out on the street again. The robots haven’t followed us this far.

I don’t spy any robots among the group of people standing in the street, but above us a war is raging as our army moves in to fight the robots. My one friend turns to me and with a pained expression says good-bye. Confused, I ask her what she means. In response she begins walking to a table that is asking for recruits to fight against the robots. I grab her arm and yell at her that she’s insane. There’s no way she will ever make it out alive if she goes to fight the robots. She releases my grip on her and continues to sign up anyway. I desperately turn to my other friend, screaming for her to help me stop this. She won’t help me though, in fact, she’s trying to drag me away from the scene. I break away and run back to my other friend, who is now getting in line to head out and fight. She sadly waves good-bye and marches off to her death.

There’s nothing I can do and I feel so helpless that I can’t save her. Just as I’m about to try and stop her again I hear a strange voice from behind me. It’s a robot. My legs have become led and I can’t move an inch. He stares at me blankly, as he registers that I am a human. I stare back, trying to remain brave. My breathing quickens as he raises his gun at my forehead. With a quick jerk of his metal finger, he pulls the trigger… and shoots.


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