Cyberbullying 2/20

Erin Gallagher killed herself because she was relentlessly bullied online. I hate the fact that so many teenagers think their only option is to kill themselves. There are better options out there, like going to therapy. Erin took her own life because she was bullied. I hope that people take stories like hers as a warning to what bullying can do.

One thing I learned about cyberbullying is that sometimes it isn’t just between peers. Adults can play a part in it too.

Another thing I learned was that teenagers have enough stress in their life and to hear that they aren’t good enough can be the thing that pushes them over the edge.

I also learned that cyber bullying doesn’t just affect the victims, but their friends and family too.


2 thoughts on “Cyberbullying 2/20

  1. I agree that if they feel that they cant figure it out on their own then they should try to get therapy. With all the stories we hear about cyberbullying, we should take notice of how influential it is.

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