I recently watched the movie “Bullied” and it was very powerful. It helps people understand how much their words affect others. Below, I listed ten things that I took away from the movie.

1. People criticize those who are different.

2. Words do as much damage as sticks and stones.

3. Kids are cruel to one another.

4. Victims can be pushed to the point of suicide.

5. Speaking up for victims is one of the best things a person can do.

6. Not all adults can be trusted to help those who are bullied.

7. Bullies will go to any lengths to torture someone.

8.  No one should ever feel like the only option is to kill themselves.

9. Bullying will continue if people don’t take a stand.

10. Bullying affects children and teens everywhere. It changes their lives forever and that’s why it’s important to put an end to it whenever you see it happening.


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